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Welcome to Achieve Hartford!

We are your partner in creating and maintaining high performing schools for students, parents and educators in Hartford. Here you can learn more about Hartford’s public schools, share your views on positive educational change and take action to help advance district improvement.

It is our goal to build awareness, drive accountability and increase involvement of everyone who has a role in creating the best educational experience in Hartford. We do this by supporting an informed community, facilitating community participation and enhancing learning effectiveness.

The achievement gap is beginning to close, but our schools are still far behind. It takes an entire community to create the best opportunities for Hartford and its students. We hope you will be part of it!

Our Mission

Achieve Hartford! is an independent, nonprofit organization of business and community leaders that focuses on student achievement and supporting effective and sustained school reform in the Hartford Public Schools. We believe that a system of high-performing public schools is essential for our children and for the future of Hartford.

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